Advanced School of Architecture (ASA)

Advanced School of Architecture (ASA)

The Honours Programme Advanced School of Architecture (ASA) is an "add-on" training course aimed at enhancing the design skills of the architect, landscape architect, building engineer and planner of the future. During this training course, design and research activities will put the student in direct contact with the professional reality and the complexity of the architectural project, which is currently taking place in different European and non-European realities.

ASA is aimed at talented young students (24 per year) selected on the basis of their educational background and the average achieved in the three-year degree course (or in the Bachelor course for those coming from abroad) or in the three-year single-cycle five-year course.

Director Pierre-Alain Croset

Students of the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering of Politecnico Milano may apply

  • enrolled in the first semester for the current academic year in the first year of the following Master's degree courses (class LM/4):
    • Architectural Design History
    • Architecture - Built Environment – Interiors
    • Building Architecture
    • Architecture and Urban Design
    • Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design
    • Landscape Architecture. Land Landscape Heritage
    • Building and Architectural Engineering
    • Management of Built Environment
    • Urban Planning and Policy Design   
  • enrolled in the fourth year of the single-cycle degree course in Construction Engineering - Architecture (class LM/4).

Training programme

The programme takes place in the two years of the Master's Degree and in the fourth and fifth years of the Single Cycle through educational experiences, with compulsory attendance, of two types:

  1. Master Class
  2. Advanced project practice

Master Class
Two one-week Master Classes are planned, to be held at the Politecnico di Milano premises. In the two Masterclasses' project experiences, students will tackle different dimensions of an "advanced practice" of design, guided by the two keywords "art" and "science".  In the 'Art' Masterclass, students will experience an advanced 'art practice', exploring different media: painting, drawing, video, photography, set design, digital art, etc. In the 'Science' Masterclass, students will be able to explore certain scientific concepts, experiencing how scientific innovations can become material for architectural design. The first Masterclass takes place in September before the start of the second year of the Master's degree (or the fifth year of the single-cycle degree), while the second Masterclass takes place between the first and second semester (January-February) or at the end of the second semester (June-July).

Advanced project practice

The Advanced Design Practice experience takes place after the end of the Master's Degree/Unified Cycle years, for a duration of at least 500 hours (15 weeks) in an architecture studio of excellence, to be chosen from a list of international studios affiliated with the Politecnico.

Students will have to return the completeness of their design and professional experience in the form of a "Logbook", with a critical text illustrated with sketches, drawings and photographs.

Consistently with the ASA's mission to strengthen and develop the figure of the architect-designer, the degree thesis must obligatorily be a project thesis (Research by Design), the elaboration of which may possibly begin within one of the Master Classes or during the period of Advanced Project Practice in the architecture studio of excellence. 

Honour Commitee 

  1. Ferruccio Resta
  2. Emilio Faroldi (Vice Rector)
  3. Ilaria Valente (Vice Rector for International Affairs)
  4. Manuela Grecchi (Vice Rector for Lecco Campus)
  5. Federico Bucci (Vice Rector for Mantova Campus)
  6. Guya Bertelli
  7. Kazuyo Sejima

Scientific Committee

  1. Benedetta Tagliabue
  2. Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra 
  3. Nathalie Régnier-Kagan
  4. Roger Riewe
  5. Mia Roth

Calls, Committees, Rankings

Applications: by 12:00 noon (Italian time) on 8th April 2024


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Ranking (final)

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