Graduate School of Architectural and Landscape Heritage

Study, protection, restoration, management and valorization of cultural, architectural heritage and landscape


The school was established in 1989. Its birth coincides with a moment of particular importance on a cultural level for the effort and commitment to affirm a principle of conservation that goes beyond the idea of restoration as a discipline governed by purely historical and artistic value judgement criteria. Given the centrality that cultural heritage has also assumed in the policies of the European Union, which recognises its social, economic and identity role, and given the employment potential linked to these areas, the School in Architectural and Landscape Heritage at the Politecnico di Milano intends to provide skills also concerning cataloguing, maintenance, reuse, as well as economic feasibility assessments before interventions, regarding historical centres, infrastructures, the built environment and the landscape.

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Optional course timetables for students enrolled in one of the AUIC School's study courses

CourseSchedule CFU  SSD  Sem  Campus ProfessorNumber of eligible students

Diagnosi delle Patologie del legno e tecniche per la conservazione

PDF4ICAR/192MIProf. Francesco Augellin. 18 eligible AUIC students 

Tutela e gestione applicata del Paesaggio

PDF4ICAR/192MIProf.ssa Paola Nella Branduinin. 13 eligible AUIC students 

Conservazione dei giardini storici

PDF4ICAR/192MIProf.ssa Alberta Cazzanin. 12 eligible AUIC students 

Conservazione preventiva e programmata

PDF4ICAR/192MIProf. Stefano Della Torren. 13 eligible AUIC students 

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