Study plan and OFA

Study plan

Study Plans in accordance with the curricula provided for in the educational regulation of the courses of study are automatically approved. If an Individual Study Plan is presented, including autonomous teaching, it will be submitted for evaluation and approval by the contact person of each Course of Study. The autonomous examinations will become effective after approval.


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Deadlines Study plan

Guidelines for filling in the Study Plan

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Lesson Zero

Lesson 0 is a welcome meeting for new students/freshmen, in which to share relevant information about the School and its services, to the presentation of the study plan, in which to know and compare with the reference figures (Coordinator of the course, representatives of the students, office staff) of their university path. All new students are invited to participate. The appointment will take place in Italian; welcome and informative meetings in English will take place in the context of Welcome Week.

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OFA Deadlines

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Limitations related to the presence of English OFA (additional educational obligations)

Students with OFA in English, at the submission of the study plan for subsequent years following the first one, will be able to insert only the teachings necessary to complete the educational offer of the first year.

In order to be able to include in the study plan the educational offer related to the second year, the OFA must be fulfilled within the deadline set by the university for submission of the study plan. 

Students that complete the OFA after that date, and in any case before the deadline set by the university for the half‐year change of the study plan, will be able to include in the study plan only the teachings of the second semester.

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