Tutoring as an activity designed to guide and assist students throughout their studies, making them active participants in the educational process and removing obstacles to successful course attendance, also through initiatives tailored to the needs, attitudes and requirements of individuals.

The Tutoring service provides assistance to students throughout their course of study, especially during the first three years. Both professors and fellow students act as tutors, and provide the following: 

  • suggestions for the practical organisation of one's studies and information about the support services offered by the Politecnico di Milano;
  • assistance for students with educational issues and in relation to sitting exams;
  • support for students needing to fill in a few educational gaps.

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Information and guidance tutoring

The Service is aimed at making known the educational and training activities present in the Degree Courses provided by the School, in order to clarify the educational objectives and career opportunities for future first-year students.
The Service also provides indications to students regarding the practical organization of their studies (structure of study plans, organization of teaching, etc), to the support structures offered by the Polytechnic.   
This activity involves Master's degree tutor students, technical, administrative staff.

Contacts: presidenza-auic@polimi.it


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Tutorato Peer to Peer

AUIC School is offering students enrolled in the first three years of a Bachelor Course (or of the 5-years Degree) the chance of receiving support for study through the Peer to Peer Tutoring.  
Students will provide support, as tutors, in subjects considered the most critical for each Course.
Students willing to ask for this support can require it using the means that will be indicated by the School.
The support is free and one-to-one (tutor/tutee).
For further informations, please contact tutorato-auic@polimi.it

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Educational tutoring

The Teaching Tutorial is a service aimed at students that provides useful interventions to eliminate the difficulties that the student encounters during the course of study and to obtain a profitable frequency of the courses.
It provides support through the activation of forms of supplementary teaching and preparatory recovery, assisting the lecturer on specific topics, where students show shortcomings or need for further study.  
The interventions consist of additional and complementary lessons from the official teachings (support cycles, exercises, etc) and in classroom tutorials, particularly in the case of Laboratories.
In the first case, the students are informed by notices published on the website http://www.auic.polimi.it/en and by sending communication via email, in the second case, the students will receive information from the reference professors of the Laboratories.
The didactic tutoring service is carried out by post-graduate student-tutors, doctoral students, lecturers, and external tutors.
The didactic tutoring also offers a tutoring service for internships.  
The Service is designed to assist students in the search and activation procedures for compulsory and optional curricular internships.   Academic tutor: it is the support and accompaniment figure of the training and learning process of the students involved in the individual internships.
Constantly monitors both the curricular internship and the seriousness, motivations, and commitment of the trainee and the host institution.
The didactic tutoring service is carried out by students - Laurea and Laurea Magistrale tutors, professors, and technical, administrative staff.

Contacts and info: AUIC Internship Office

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Tutoring in structural design

In the months of September-October 2023, a tutoring activity will take place on structural mechanics topics with the aim of providing support to students of the "Tecnica delle Costruzioni" / "Structural Design" courses, held during the first semester of the first year of the MS in Architecture from the AUIC School.

The tutoring activity aims to provide useful tools and knowledge to be able to profitably attend the "Tecnica delle Costruzioni" / "Structural Design" courses.

The activity takes place online, between 6.15pm and 8.15pm and is organized into two Sections (Section A and Section B), with a slightly different calendar. Attendance is free, with no registration required.

In the tutoring courses, important topics will be recalled which are preparatory to the "Tecnica delle Costruzioni"/"Structural Design" courses. These topics are as follows:

  • Calculation of internal forces in statically determinate structures (beams and frames and trussworks) with drawing of the relative diagrams; review of indefinite equilibrium equations for straight beams under transverse load.
  • Calculation of stresses in elements (beams/columns) subjected to normal forces, in bending, bending about one (or two) axis, bending and shear; that is, the cases of Saint Venant are summarized with worked-out examples.
  • Recalls on the critical load for members subjected to pure compression (elastic instability); synthetic presentation of the "force method" and the "displacement method" for continuous beams; illustration of the use of simple structural analysis programs for the study of the behavior of elastic structural systems.

Tutoring in "Structural Mechanics" - class schedule

Two sections (Section A  and  Section B), each consisting of 16 hours of lessons.
Lessons will take place from 18:15 to 20:15 and will be live streamed on Webex.
Section A  Section B 
Instructor:  Andrea Consiglio Instructor:  Carlo Pettorruso
   room    room
Monday25September3.1.3 Tuesday26September2.1.1
Wednesday27September3.1.3 Thursday28September2.1.1
Wednesday4October3.1.3 Monday2October2.1.1
Monday9October3.1.3 Tuesday3October2.1.1
Wednesday11October3.1.3 Thursday 5October3.1.3
Monday16October3.1.3 Monday9October2.1.1
Wednesday18October3.1.3 Tuesday10October2.1.1
Monday23October3.1.3 Thursday 12October2.1.1
PDF Tutoring in "Structural Mechanics" - class schedule
info: andreanino.consiglio@polimi.itcarlo.pettorruso@polimi.it

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