State Professional Examinations for Architects and Engineers

The title of architect, planner, landscape architect and conservator, junior architect and junior planner, engineer, junior engineer, is obtained by first earning a university degree and then successfully passing the state exam.

Practicing as a professional further requires registration in the Register.
Membership in a professional Order depends on one's legal residence or place of business.
In order to work in the profession corresponding to your laurea title existing legislation requires students to pass a state professional examination for the purposes of registering to practice.
The Politecnico di Milano is a legally recognised centre for State Professional Examinations enabling students to work as architects and engineers. In this context it has organisational and admin duties especially registration, logistical aspects and certificate issue.
State Professional Examinations are held on a yearly basis by order of the Department for Education and Research and can be downloaded from the site in the Legislation section.

There are two exam sessions, one in spring and one in autumn. These exams were reformed (D.P.R. 5th June 2001, no. 328) in a law which set up two distinct levels corresponding to two separate professional orders:

SECTION A: accessed with a laurea specialistica/magistrale qualification and the Old Educational System;
SECTION B: accessed with a laurea or university diploma qualification, laurea specialistica/magistrale and Old Educational System.

To sit State Professional Examination you must submit an application form at the centre of your choice within the time frame and using the procedures shown noting that application deadlines and exam dates are the same across the whole country. Candidates can submit applications to only one university.

Info and procedures: 
PoLiMi State Examinations  

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