Information for Outgoing students

The Politecnico di Milano offers its students various opportunities to study abroad whose educational credits are recognized as an integral part of the curriculum. International mobility for study is distinguished in:

  1. Short mobility: period of study at partner universities in EU (Erasmus) and non-EU countries (bilateral agreements)
  2. Double Degree: Double Degree projects (link to the DL section) with European and non-European university locations

In addition to these opportunities, there will be mobility of variable duration and modalities, within international networks of which the Politecnico is part (Alliance4Tech, Athens, Idea League).

Short mobility generally lasts one semester. It is potentially extendable, if provided for in the agreement with the partner headquarters, for a further semester, subject to authorization by the Bodies in charge of the School - the Politecnico Promoters of Mobility for the headquarters.
During the short mobility period it is possible to acquire training credits and/or develop the thesis work at the host location.

The locations available with the specific agreements for each Course of Study are published on the Manifesto of Studies and on the map of international mobility agreements.

For information, students can contact the International Mobility Unit - Via Golgi 42 or via e-mail and read the full text on international mobility on the Didactic Regulations of the Study Courses.
It is also possible to contact the teacher responsible for your course of study to find out more details and arrange an experience abroad.

Auic Tips

To better guide you in choosing the most suitable mobility for you, we have identified some tips that can solve some recurring doubts.

In the video, 10 tips that are always valid. In the meetings organised by the Study Programmes, we cover points related to international mobility that are important for each academic career and introduce you to some little-known but valuable locations.

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