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University is the place where we can increase our knowledge but also our desires about our future. Here we come together, students and professors, intending to follow that intuition that one, two, five years ago led us to choose this school. Every two years there is an election of students' representatives in the University's governing bodies. Some of us decide to stand for voting with the desire to make proposals to improve teaching, services, help with the study but also to propose meetings, trips and cultural events that open us up to reality. The idea of running as representatives for many of us was born from a concrete proposal made by older friends to live even more intensely being in University, studying and participating actively in what happens. There are several student lists in our Athenaeum and each in its way works for the common good. The student representatives are present in two bodies: the Programme boards, the Joint Commitee and the School Council.

Programme boards

Each course of study has a Programme board, in which are discussed proposals and issues related to that specific direction. This moment is the most humble but at the same time the most useful place where the representatives can attest their responsibility.

For those who would like to meet them here are their contact details divided by the course of study:

    Bachelor Degrees

    • Building and Construction Engineering (497)_Class of degree L-23 Science of techniques for construction 
      • Giulia Cantatore 
      • Maria Zini (School's Council and Student-Professor Joint Commitee)
    • Architectural Design  (1094)_Class of degree L-17 - Science of architecture 
    • Student Representatives
      • Elisabetta Alberton 
      • Pietro Buongiorno 
      • Maddalena Celli 
      • Chiara Cristiani
      • Maria Nicole Deluca
      • Ian Anthony Alloxis Fernandez Nava
      • Pietro Maria Grillo
      • Irene Guerra
      • Ilaria Masciarelli
      • Elena Picchetti
      • Tommaso Sanese (rappresentante in Giunta e in Commissione paritetica)
    • Urban Planning: City' Enviroment Landscape (1093)_Class of degree L-21 - Science of urban development planning, urban planning, landscaping and environmental 
      • Matteo Fiorentino
      • Stefania Pontiggia

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    Master degrees

    • Architectural Design and History (1086)_Class of degree LM-4 - Architecture and building engineering/ architecture 
      • Maria Grigoli
    • Architecture - Built Environment - Interiors (1195)_Class of degree LM-4 - Architecture and building engineering/ architecture
      • Sara Micol Baldelli
      • Andrea Bongiovanni
      • Chiara Cristiani
      • Ester Corna
      • Omar El Amri
      • Maria Letizia Guido
      • Letizia Maestri
      •                          (representative in the Council and Joint Board)
      • Martina Pagliarini
      • Francesco Zavoli
    • Architecture - Building Architecture (1017)_Class of degree LM-4 - Architecture and building engineering/ architecture 
      • Marta De Free
      • Jiaqi Wang
      • You Qi Wang
    • Architecture and Urban Design (1217)_Class of degree LM-4 - Architecture and building engineering/ architecture 
      • Isaac James Young
      • Maria Veronica Cantale
      • Gloria Maria Crisogianni
      • Emanuela Primerano
    • Building Architectural Engineering (1095)_Classe di Laurea LM-4 - Architettura e ingegneria edile-architettura
      • Camilla Massucci
    • Building Engineering (1142)_Class of degree LM-4 - Architecture and building engineering/ architecture 
      • Pietro Rabaioli
      • Maria Francesca Veggi
    • Landscape Architecture. Land Landscape Heritage (1187)_Classe di Laurea LM-3 - Architettura del paesaggio

    • Management of Built Environment - Gestione del Costruito (1096)_Classe di Laurea LM-4 - Architettura e ingegneria edile-architettura

      • auditor Fabio Musitano
    • Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design (1085)_Classe di Laurea LM-4 - Architettura e ingegneria edile-architettura
      • Jeevan Kumar Balasubramanian
    • Urban Planning and Policy Design (1098)_Classe di Laurea LM-48 - Pianificazione territoriale urbanistica e ambientale
      • Gabriele Haardt
      • Giulia Oldani​​​​​​

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    Master degrees single cycle

    • Building Engineering/Architecture (1144)_Class of degree  LM4 C.U. Architecture and building engineering/ architecture (five-years) 
      • Sara Ferradino
      • Matteo Gianoli
      • Valeria Margarita Miranda Gonzalez
      • Martin Lusiani

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