Compulsory Digi Skills



  • Architecture / Architecture - Built Environment - Interiors (MI) 
  • Architecture - Architectural Design / Architecture and Urban Design(MI) 


  • Architecture / Architecture - Built Environment - Interiors (MI) 
  • Building and Construction Engineering (MI) 

Scientific  coordinator
Cecilia Bolognesi

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Short history

The DIGI SKILLS training program began in 2016 in an experimental mode as a workshop valid as an internship in response to growing demands for digital skills from students that were not finding full coverage within the teachings offered in the study manifesto. Following the first experiments and the growing demand, DIGI SKILLS became part of the study manifesto as an opportunity for students and initialed as compulsory credits: within the program are encapsulated teachings of parametric modeling in the BIM field that students can develop starting as early as the academic path to enter the world of work more consciously.

Since they were established, Digi Skills have delivered more than 10.000 credits among the school's students.

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Formative objectives

The aim of the courses is to make the student autonomous in choosing the path of parametric modeling and BIM applications, knowing how to use at least one tool among those proposed. All modeling will be proposed applied to different case studies. Italian or foreign students already possessing knowledge related to a proposed software are encouraged to choose a digi skills course for a program they are not proficient in to expand their knowledge.

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Scheduled offering

Scheduled offerings include courses in parametric modeling that make use of software such as Revit, Archicad, Grasshopper, and to a reduced extent Dynamo and Rhino. Please refer to the lecturers' pages for their full programs, while some general course entries are given here.

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Lecturers for 2024

This year too, digi skills lecturers come from the professional world while having had experience in teaching and mostly hold positions as BIM managers or BIM consultants, having established and recognized experience in the international arena.

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Rules for obtaining the 4 credits

Courses are taught in a blended online and classroom mode. Online attendance is required and recorded by the instructor and is part of the final grade.  Four classroom review dates are established before the start of the courses, 3 of which are mandatory prior to each delivery to be conducted at times as directed by the instructor. At least 3 review sessions are MANDATORY in-person as MANDATORY are the subsequent agreed upon deliveries. Each delivery generates an assessment. A final delivery follows which will be graded. NO remote rehearsals are allowed under any circumstances or deliveries outside the semester of the course. We do not recommend this course for Erasmus or dual degree pathways unless consistent and motivated commitment during the semester. In case of proven attendance, participation in revisions and related deliveries, but failure of the final delivery the student may avoid attendance in the following semester but MUST attend revisions with deliveries.

For credit validation you must:

  • have the correct CODE AND COURSE titling in the syllabus (current year titling, if repeating re-enter the new code for the current year, changing enrollment)
  • have constant attendance during online sessions; any recordings should be requested from the instructor personally
  • participate in at least 3 in-process reviews and deliveries when scheduled, and process the final model at the conclusion of the course with delivery on we beep on time as instructed by the lecturer
  • register for the only scheduled roll call for credit registration only

No credits will be issued for reasons such as scholarship expiration, double degree returns, etc. etc. without adherence to the rules for obtaining them.

Please note that Revit software can only be used in Windows context.

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