Compulsory Digi Skills



  • Architecture / Architecture - Built Environment - Interiors (MI) 
  • Architecture - Architectural Design / Architecture and Urban Design(MI) 


  • Building and Construction Engineering (MI) 

Students enrolled in the third year of the Building Engineering and IEC Construction Studies

The students of the Degree Course in Building Engineering and Construction IEC may opt for this teaching.
Please note that the choice of this subject involves the selection of two 4 CFU modules.
Students will then have to insert the following teachings at the same time in the plan:

  • GRASSHOPPER + RHINO - Cecilia Maria Bolognesi

Scientific  coordinator
Cecilia Bolognesi

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Short history

The DIGI SKILLS training program started in 2016 with an experimental mode: it was a workshop valid as an internship to answer to the growing requests for digital skills from students. Following these first step and the growing requests DIGI SKILLS entered in the general programs as an opportunity for students and became mandatory: DIGI SKILLS are formed by parametric modelling teaching in BIM environment that students can develop starting from university for their future job with more awareness.

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Formative objectives

The aim of the courses is to allow the students to be autonomous in the choice of the parametric modelling path and BIM applications, and to be able to use one of the software offered; courses are different and give different paths. The student can obtain credits in one course only but can follow if desired and with the accordance of the teacher more than one course.
Italian or foreign students already  with skills related to a proposed software are invited to choose a digi skills course for another software.

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Planned offer

The scheduled offer includes parametric modelling courses that uses software such as Revit, Archicad, Grasshopper, and Dynamo in a minor extension.
For the single complete programs, see the pages of the teachers, while here are some general items of them, 

  • Revit
    Introduction to BIM, concepts of interoperability, general structure of software, software and interfaces, database organization 2D and 3D modeling of architectural objects, properties of objects and libraries, relationships between objects, masses, surfaces, phase management, clash detection concepts, graphic design, relations with Dynamo.
  • Archicad
    Introduction to BIM, concepts of interoperability, control of constructive elements, abacus compilation and project libraries, management of relations, usable applications, relations with Grasshopper.
  • Grasshopper
    The course provides knowledge of the most advanced digital modelling techniques, deepening methodologies of algorithmic and parametric modelling with particular attention to the field of architecture. The program focuses on the main recent tools for generation and control of complex geometries. At the beginning of the course the main working methods necessary to use Rhino are summarized.

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Professors/Teachers in 2021

Also for this year, the DIGI SKILLS teachers come from the professional world having had experience in teaching also; they deal with professional positions such as BIM manager or BIM consultant, having consolidated and recognized international experience.

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Rules to obtain 4 credits

Owing to the changed rules due to the containment of Covid 19, the courses will be held in mixed mode, online and in class, inpresence. These sessions will be used for some tests or workshop of the elaborated model, where classroom presence is compulsory unless specific agreements for foreign students. 

In  case of a justified and documented impossibility to travel, the student must contact the teacher during the weeks before the day scheduled for the classroom session in order to reach an agreement.

For the validation of credits it is necessary 

  • to have the correct CODE AND COURSE heading in the study plan (heading for the current year, if repeating, re-enter the new code for the current year, changing registration) 
  • successfully complete the in itinere tests, when foreseen, and draw up a final model at the end of the course with delivery on a we beep as indicated by the teacher 
  • enrol in the only roll call scheduled for the registration of credits. 
  • credits will not be issued for reasons such as expiry of scholarships, return for double degree etc. etc. without respecting the rules for obtaining them. 

Please note that the Revit software only works in a Windows context. 

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