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27.6 - 29.9.2023


"... firmly clinging to two of his three oxygen companions from before, he went out through the chimney and took to the air. ... He was caught in the wind, knocked to the ground, and lifted ten kilometres. He was breathed in by a hawk, descended into his rushed lungs, but did not penetrate his rich blood, and was expelled. It dissolved three times in the seawater, once in the water of a cascading stream, and again was dismissed. He travelled with the wind for eight years, now high, now low, over the sea and among the clouds, over forests, deserts and boundless expanses of ice. He stumbled into capture and organic adventure. ... Our carbon atom enters the leaf, colliding with countless other (but here useless) nitrogen and oxygen molecules. It adheres to a large, complicated molecule that activates it and simultaneously receives the powerful message from the sky in the dazzling form of a packet of sunlight: in an instant, like an insect caught in a spider's web, it is separated from its oxygen, combined with hydrogen and (it is believed) phosphorus, and finally inserted into a chain, long or short it does not matter, but it is the chain of life." [Il sistema periodico, Primo Levi  describes the endless journey of a carbon atom]

Gino Malacarne 

Gino Malacarne, architect and lecturer, is part of the contemporary architectural scene by conducting, through his work, personal and coherent research on the forms of architecture, a tenacious study in an attempt to identify in the project a civil response to the problems posed by the contemporary city and trying to offer an alternative to the development of the same outside of bureaucratic urban models and sheltered from fashions. The objective that accompanies the research and becomes the common denominator of the projects is always the same: to respond to needs and pursue the construction of functional beauty. It supports and pursues a civil dimension of architecture, where urban form and architectural form are the reflections of a collective experience. (source

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