DEADLINE 14.7.2022 - Beirut Port competition for Students

Beirut Port competition that  three universities (CTU, BME, STU) are officially organizing for Lebanon during the winter semester for the students.

In this competition, students from all over the world are invited to rethink the future port of Beirut that will be rebuilt and invested under F.D.B.O.T (Finance, Design, Built, Operate, and transfer); the Port administration and the ministry of public work and transportation need to set their requirements and condition list that would shape the path of the future; hence, the winners of this competition will have the chance to be part of setting the requirements with the Lebanese authorities and therefore part of rebuilding the port.

Here are all the documents:

Beirut Recovery Map:

Dear Students,

Our university is honoured to participate in a competition organized by Inspireli Awards that offers designs to rebuild the last-year-destroyed port of Beirut.

Recently, it was a year from a tremendous tragedy that happened in Beirut, Lebanon. On August 4, 2020 occurred one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in world’s history. Not only this resulted in a massive destruction of the city, injuries and unfortunately also many killed, but it also caused a hard-stop of one of the city’s most crucial spaces – the Port. If you take part in Inspireli Awards you can help Beirut to be born again!

Now you can be part of this amazing competition and help restore Beirut!
You can win prizes totalling 5.000€ - the main prize of 1500€. But the major prize for you will be getting involved and gaining prestige in this great thing that that transcends man as an individual.

Just pay attention to these 3 conditions:

  • The place is to be revitalized partly as a public space (open the port to the public)
  • The project must be economically sustainable and interesting for investors (includes hotels, shops etc.)
  • The port cranes must stay at their current location

INSPIRELI AWARDS is the world's largest global student contest, which involves 142 countries. The general aim of the competition is to support young talents in architecture, regardless of their social, economic or ethnic conditions. Follow Inspireli awards on social media

Create your design and submit your project no later then 14.2.2022!

Get more information and submit your project at:

We are pleased to be involved in this wonderful project and looking forward to your amazing ideas!

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