25.10.2021 Radical Countryside

The seminar will be held in English

MSc in Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design | Course of Topics in Landscape Architecture History and Theory

25 October 2021
Webex room:
h. 10.15-14.15

The seminar will explore artistic, architectural and design practices that claim, perform, and enact subversive retellings of institutionalised and hegemonic historical accounts of non-urban environments in 1970s Italy. For several of the figures involved, working in the countryside and with rural dwellers meant exploring contexts less affected by modern consumerist lifestyles and cultures that entertained pre-industrial relationships with their living environment. The two-year experiment of the workshop “Possibility of an island”, held in the Chianti hills in 2020 and 2021, has been re-enlivening the legacy of a series of experimental workshops held in the Tuscan countryside by radical groups in the ‘70s. Meant to regain possession of a bodily dimension after the lockdown, it seeked a new happiness that would stem from a rediscovery of the countryside as a space of freedom – an island – among more institutionalised “places” of cultural production.

Relatore: Margherita Marri (CAPTCHA), Elisabetta Rattalino (unibz); discussant Nina Bassoli (Politecnico di Milano) 

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