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The LaborA - physical and virtual modelling laboratory is a University structure that promotes and supports university training and scientific research in project development, representation and communication through physical and virtual models.

The institution of the LaborA descends from the principle that in university training in the field of design, the realisation of physical scale models and experimentation with virtual models is a fundamental cognitive and constructive experience in support of innovation and preparatory to actual construction.

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The laboratory activity is configured as didactic support by the staff to the students of the Master's degree courses and the PhD students of the AUIC School. It consists of the interpretation and verification of the study project drawings, in the analysis of the material characteristics of the project to be represented, to arrive at an informed choice of materials and construction techniques.



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How to access

To access LaborA, the student or group of Master's or PhD students must make an appointment with the staff directly in the laboratory, either by email at or by telephone 02.2399.5670.

This appointment with the laboratory tutors or technical specialists will be used to define the methods and times for the creation of the model(s) and assign a workstation in the laboratory for the agreed time (maximum one month in the case of workstations for physical models and three days in the case of graphic workstations). 
At the appointment, students must present themselves with the appropriate request form signed by the teacher coordinating the work and, in the case of physical models, with the relief drawings or project printed to the scale of the model to do.

Spaces and equipment

Thirty-two workgroups with a maximum of seventy users can access the laboratory simultaneously. Workstations are assigned by the staff, giving priority to undergraduate students whose degree is scheduled for the first session after their appointment in the lab.

If the workstations (at the period chosen) are all occupied by undergraduate students, the staff schedules the appointment of the first free workstation according to the assignment calendar.

LaborA provides users with:

  • workstations for manual cutting and assembly of physical models;
  • machines for cutting and sanding solid wood and expanded plastic sheets;
  • CNC cutting equipment: laser, blade and hot wire cutting;
  • filament 3D printers;
  • 3D scanners;
  • profile workstations for 3D modelling and point cloud processing;
  • hologram table for virtual 3D simulation of the project;
  • virtual theatre for the immersive simulation of the project at 360°.

LaborA lab is located in Campus Bonadi, Via Ampère 2, building 16A


LaborA brochure

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Examples of developed models

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