Barcelona's International Landscape Biennial


Barcelona's International Landscape Biennial
From European to International Biennial of Landscape Architecture

After been recognized at European level, and after the first seven editions: "“Refent paisatges” (1999), “Jardins insurgents” (2001), “Només amb natura” (2003), “Paisatge: un producte / una producció” (2006) , “Tempesta i ímpetu” (2008), “Paisatges Líquids” (2010) and "Biennal versus Biennal" (2012); There was a turning point in the ninth edition, which brought us closer to new landscape realities in the world through the internationalization of its Rosa Barba Landscape Award. The announcement was consolidated with the following editions “Un Paisatge per a tu” (2014) , "Tomorrow Landscape" (2016) and "Performative Natures" (2018). Now it becomes an excellent diffusion tool relevance in landscape project interventions.

Each edition has its Symposium articulated under a motto. All kinds of theoretical and practical reflections to enhance an interprofessional debate. The Symposium takes place for two days, and round tables, debates, presentations by the finalists of Rosa Barba, interventions by the invited lecturers... The Symposium is held at the Petit Palau de la Música de Catalana, but is also broadcast live in the event hall of the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC).

Exhibitions and Publications
The professional and academic reflection of the awards mentioned above will materialize in two thematic exhibitions and later in a publication in the form of a catalogue that will be the enduring witness of that edition.
The leading exhibitions that each year we organize are two: Projects selected by the Rosa Barba Prize, located at COAC; and school projects, located at ETSAB. The aim of this is to disseminate and promote professional and academic practices. The exhibitions of the plans, both schools and Rosa Barba, are itinerant through several universities and cultural centres around the world. This past year, Oslo University (School of Architecture and Design) has hosted the exhibition of the works of the schools, as it was one of the finalists of the X International Biennial of the Landscape. On the other hand, the rosa Barba Awards exhibition travelled to Italy at the Paesaggio Museum in Verbania.

Franco Zagari (landscape architect) was invited to exhibit his drawings made throughout his career in the last edition. Other parallel exhibitions have also been held, such as the retrospective 20 years of landscape sponsored by The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (Merco Sala space).

Preselected projects - editions in which the School has participated

Project2100: Agro Pontino is f-loading
Author/sIda Orlando, Giulia Stecchi, Valeria Rellori
Supervisor/sMatteo Umberto Poli and Andrea Gritti
Project       2100: A Sea Odyssey                                            
Author/sMonica Moschini, Alessandra Paparcone, Francesca Porro
Supervisor/sMatteo Umberto Poli and Sara Gangemi


ProjectINLAYS. Micro architecture to connect the landscape between the Mincio
Natural Park and the SIC of Castellaro Lagusello
Author/sClaudio Canesso, Marta Paterlini, Veronica Soncini
Supervisor/sSara Protasoni e Stefano Farina
Project       INLAYS. Naviglio Grande Gardens, Milan                                                                                                         
Author/sFederica Fata, Lucia Gandelli
Supervisor/sAlessandro Rocca
Author/sIrene Gennari, Elisa Sportaro
Supervisor/sSara Protasoni, Floriana Pergalani, Matteo Bruggi
Project      Order and Disorder                                                                                                                                                   
Author/sGinevra Rapisardi            
Supervisor/sPaolo L. Bürgi  con Chiara Pradel and Carlotta Testa
Project     A poem about time. Recovering an archeological site in Cascais                                                                    
Author/sShi Ying     
Supervisor/sAlessandro Rocca
ProjectContemplation Forest                                                                                                                                       
Author/sShiqi Li
Supervisor/sPaolo L. Bürgi  con Chiara Pradel and Carlotta Testa
Project     Promenade Landscape                                                                                                                                     
Author/sZhen Chao
Supervisor/sPaolo L. Bürgi  con Chiara Pradel and Carlotta Testa
ProjectHologramatic Territory. Ecological strategy for the West Bank               
Author/sMirco Andolina
Supervisor/sElisa C. Cattaneo and Arturo Lanzani
Project      Weak Strategy for In-formality. Infra-free and Ecological patterns.Rio de Janeiro case
Author/sAndrea Benzi
Supervisor/sElisa C. Cattaneo and Paola Caputo
Project     Rovine contemporanee: Un esperimento progettuale nel borgo di Consonno                   
Author/sFabio Marino, Sandro Riscino, Davide Traina   
Supervisor/sAndrea Gritti and Monica Amari
Project      Pasaia: Badia Eskatuz (reclaim the bay)                                                                                          
Author/sFrancesco Fumagalli, Valerio Guidi
Supervisor/sCorinna Morandi
Project      The Garden of the Righteous in Milan                                                                                          
Author/sGabriella Milo

Supervisor/sAlessandro Rocca
ProjectUp and Down. Mtkvari river park, Tbilisi, Georgia                                                                 
Author/sStefano Brambilla

Supervisor/sAlessandro Rocca
Project     Beyond the garden. A landscape project of views and distances in Pigazzano, Val Trebbia
Author/sFrancesca Giannini
Supervisor/sMatteo Umberto Poli
Project       A cognitive atlas for African landscapes                                                                                    
Author/sAlessandro Musetta
Supervisor/sMatteo Umberto Poli  
Project   Post olympic city                                                                                                                    
Author/sEleonora Schiavi
Supervisor/sMatteo Umberto Poli  
Project     L'arte dello spazio pubblico| una proposta a Girona per sanare ferite territoriali                
Author/sManuela Scotti, Chiara Signoroni
Supervisor/sEmilio Faroldi and Isabel Salamaña i Serra
image courtesy of Biennale internazionale di architettura del paesaggio Barcellona
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