ON CONTINUITY - Barozzi Veiga

10.2 - 25.3.2022

© Photo credits Simon Menges + Simone Marcolin - © Projects by Barozzi Veiga

“As it is natural, our work has evolved over the last 15 years, but what has notably remained unchanged is the fact that our projects, like novels, tend to start with an image, with the memory of a moment or some experienced feelings, with a fragment, with a detail of a wall, with light defining a place, or with the experience of material aging. The essential character of a place can often be found in certain unexpressed conditions – fragments, spaces, materials, atmospheres – which can be transformed, translated into the new architecture, to preserve and accentuate the identity of the original architecture and place. For us working in continuity means highlighting the uniqueness of a place, articulating an intimate relationship with the specifics of the site, so the new architecture resonates with a particular sense of belonging to the original conditions. It sometimes seems to us that this search has gravitated around a continuous, obsessive and perhaps unconscious reworking of just a few of the processes, images and lessons that marked our formative years, when we were fascinated by the process of analogy, by the way that simply reworking found objects gave certain architectures the capacity to be on the border between belonging to a landscape and otherness” [Alberto Veiga | Barozzi Veiga Architects / Quote from the monograph Barozzi Veiga, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König, 2022. p. 11]

On Continuity, Barozzi Veiga’s first monographic exhibition, presents a series of projects completed or under construction. The exhibition highlights the fundamental themes that characterize the work of the practice through the narration – by means of drawings, images and models – of the conceptual part and the constructive reality of each project.
The work in continuity with the existing, the presence of a right tone that allows the project to become part of the context both in consolidated environments and in ephemeral or natural landscapes, the search for a certain sense of permanence, are among the main issues at the basis of the projects on display, always pervaded by the desire to create civic and public architecture, where the architectural object becomes almost simply the frame for a central collective space.

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