4.6 - 2.7.2021


"Appropriate" word define an "architecture-specific" to "that" site; an architecture that seems to have always been there, specific to the place that does not produce a strong sense of diversity. Diversity is necessary; making architecture different means not making buildings in style but contemporary. Architecture is appropriate when, while being diverse and therefore contemporary, it tells the site's story and allows for its use, being measured against it. Architecture is social; it is not art for its own sake. [Raffaello Cecchi]

Curator/s: Raffaello Cecchi con Carlotta Bertelli

The exhibition and the "DIARY" box have been conceived as a tribute to and in memory of Professor Enza Lima, whose didactic commitment and her attentive figure as a teacher have matured numerous students with teaching procedures, lessons, communications and design practice always linked to the topicality of the themes and the physicality of the contexts in forms that are often new but of excellent quality. She considered it essential teaching without verification of daily reality and experimentation of new educational possibilities.
In recent times her attention was focused on themes inherent to the concept of landscape with all its implications. She was also convinced that a continuous work between professional activity (participation in national and international competitions and urban architecture projects done in the studio) and university research activity could serve in synergy to identify new potentials.

The exhibition also represents the synergy between professional work and didactics.

The installation uses the drawing tables designed by Alvaro Siza to hold drawings, maquettes, parallelographs rulers, giving the idea of a large architectural atelier of the 70s and 80s before computerization. In the 90s, even the Cecchi&Lima studio used computers and programs.
So the exhibition takes place inside an imaginary atelier where you can sit at your desk; that is what Cecchi and Lima did with many friends and collaborators every day.

What better environment to talk and make architecture?

A unique area was set aside at the entrance to exhibit themes and didactic projects of the 2nd and 3rd Laboratory course held by architect Lima during those years together with the initiative of the specialized research sector called AIP (Architecture, Infrastructures, Landscape) on landscape themes. On those the six summer seminars, organized by her, which saw the presence of European architects considered at the time rising stars (among others Zanghelis with OMA, UNStudio, Goncalo Byrne, Christophe Girot, Carme Fiol, Ignasi Perez Arnal, Alberto Campo Baeza, Guy Chatel, Kris Coremas, Andreu Arriola, etc. etc.)

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