As Found/As Reimagined - Mediterranean vernacular architecture in the modern travel itineraries

7.3 – 25.3.2022

© Photo credits Stamatina Kousidi

To see the modest structures and see them again in the mind invokes wonder in what inspires the works of man. […] The simple structures of shelter seem like the markers of a dominating desire to establish a claim out of the vastness of the land.” [Louis Kahn]

The exhibition explores how the study of Mediterranean vernacular architecture has served as a vehicle for the reconceptualization of the relation between building, climate, and natural setting. Juxtaposing different readings of traditional dwellings and settlements, as registered in the notes of traveler architects throughout the twentieth century, it looks at the ways in which these offered new standpoints from which to contemplate the architectural project, its inherent processes and tools, towards a more humane approach to the design of the built environment.


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