News release - 2016

I edition Sports + Re-Forming Milan

The award, organized by the School of Architecture Urban Planning and Construction Engineering from Universidad CEU San Pablo with the support of ingesport.
The award aims at supporting the talent of bachelor and master students of the two schools (Italian and Spanish) in the context of the project Re-Forming Milan, dedicated to the transformation of abandoned and disused places in the Milan area.

I edition of the SPORTS+REFORMING MILAN Award
The six projects selected by the Commission are the following: 


1. First Prize EX AEQUO
Code: MEFRA6
Authors:  Francesco Cappelletti, Margarita Kojouharova, Elena Rigamonti
Title: SPORT - RUB

2. First Prize EX AEQUO 
Code: PLA416
Authors:   Pietro Amato, Lucilla Perugini, Federica Savoldelli, Anna Vitali
Title:  PLUG-IN

3. Third Prize
Code: EFS001
Authors:  Elena Balestrieri, Francesca Poloni, Silvia Pizzadilli


1. First Prize
Code: WE3MIL
Authors:  Cristina Bernal Álvarez, Michela Bertolotti, Julia Burón Bajo, Pilar Cano-Lasso Carretero

2. Second Prize
Code: BIG891
Authors:  Gabriele Boretti, Tommaso Castoldi, Riccardo Ceccarelli, Tommaso Pieri
Title: no title

3. Third Prize
Code: ECLM24
Authors:  Margarita Pueyo Diaz, Laura Sanchez Morales, Emanuele Ricci, Cristina Romero Cano 

Expo/NUTAU 2016 - BRAZIL

A thesis of Master TAS 2009 (Polimi 1/3, 2/3 Polimi, Polimi 3/3) won the first prize at the International EXPO / NUTAU of Sao Paulo Brazil and a dissertation of 2008 (Polimi1) special mention in the category Academy.
polimi 1/1 is the thesis that has received special mention and polimi 1/3, polimi 2/3 and 3/3 are the tablets of the Master TAS 2009 research that won first prize in the category Academy.
(Prof. Cesare Blasi and Prof. Gabriella Padovano)

9 AUIC Graduates - Double Degree XAUAT - China

Within the Double Degree program in Architecture with Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT), where the first 9 Polimi-AUIC students graduated in the a. y. 2015-16 and 2016-2017, in the winter session 2016-17, also the first Chinese students of XAUAT graduated at the Polytechnic with three theses in architectural and urban design.

The professor. Liu Kecheng, former Dean of the XAUAT School of Architecture and Visiting Professor at AUIC, participated in the committee's work.

Info: prof. Laura Pezzetti  

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