STUDY GRANTS for degree courses at the Politecnico di Milano

INTERMONTE and the Politecnico di Milano founded FONDAZIONE INTERMONTE Progetto Giovani in October 2021, intending to provide substantial scholarships to young people who could not afford to study.
Fondazione Intermonte has raised funds for the first 10 Scholarships (which will cover the three years 2022-2025).

The call for applications is available on the Intermonte Foundation website (

The Scholarships are dedicated to 5th-year students of Technical Institutes in the provinces indicated in the notice (in Lombardy)

  • ISEE income under 30.000 euros average grade 7 (excluding religion and gymnastics) in the 4th year
  • passing the admission test (by mid-June 2022) of the Milan Polytechnic for courses of study in Engineering and Design

The first classified in the ranking that takes into account income (first criterion, the lower, the more chances one has), the Politecnico test grade .

All school marks will then be examined by a joint commission between Polimi and Fondazione Intermonte (with a separate ranking for boys/girls, 5 Scholarships for boys, and 5 Scholarships for girls). At the end of July 2022, the ten winners of the scholarships for the three years 2022-2025 will be chosen. 

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