Elections Study Courses Triennium 2022|2024

Polling will be held on November 30, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. by electronic means.

Submission deadline within 12:00 pm November 12th 2021

We inform you that the election of the following Coordinator of the Study Course has been announced for: 

The Coordinator of the Study Program is elected by members of the Study Program Council (Professors and student representatives) among the Professors of the Council presenting their candidacy.
A Professor is a holder of teaching within the CCS, as: 

  • Full Professor
  • Associate Professor and non-confirmed Associate Professor 
  • a Researcher of the University (including fixed-term Researchers)

The passive electorate is reserved to professors who ensure several years of service not less than the duration of the mandate before leaving the service. Elections are held by secret ballot. Each voter has the right to vote for no more than one name. The elections to be valid required the participation of at least one-third of those entitled to vote. If elections are not correct, polling procedures are repeated only once and are valid regardless of the number of voters. The person with the highest number of useful votes is elected. In case of the equal number of votes, the consideration of the highest seniority is active.


Temporary voters list:

Architectural Design History    
Building and Architectural Management 
Building Engineering/Architecture 5ys
Building Construction Engineering
Architectural Design
Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design

Given the current health emergency and the contingent need to safeguard public health, the elections will be held in distance mode by an organized virtual room. Voting modalities information will be sent by e-mail on time.
The communication indicates the calendar of procedures for the election of the Coordinator of the Course of Study Council.

Candidates who wish to propose their candidacy, must fill out and submit the digitally signed nomination form and attach their ID and election program. The required documents must be sent, for the attention of the Electoral Commission, to the Presidenza School AUIC - Secretariat of the School of Urban Architecture Engineering Construction Engineering by noon (12:00 pm) on Wednesday, November 12, 2021, by e-mail to presidenza-auic@polimi.it, indicating in the subject the name of the Candidate's Study Course (digitally signed).

In presence:

BSc LT in “Architectural Design“16/11/21 h 15:00 @ Rogers Room -via Ampère, 2 – MI
BSc LT in “Building and Construction Engineering”23/11/21  h 15:00 @ A Room - via Ampère, 2 – MI
MSc LM in “Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design”15/11/21 h 15:00 @ R Room via Scalabrini, 76 – 1st floor - PC
MSc LM in “Architectural Design and History”17/11/21 h 17:00 @ A.0.1 Room - piazza d’Arco, 3 – MN
Msc LM “Building Engineering/Architecture” 5ys 22/11/21 h 14:00 @ A1.1 Room – Building 10 – 1st floor – pax50 - LC
MSc LM in “Building and Architectural Engineering”19/11/21 h 15:00 @ IV Room -via Ampère, 2 - MI

In videocall platform connection by Microsoft Teams to the following addresses:

BSc LT in “Architectural Design“16.11.2021 PRA TEAMS                                          
BSc LT in “Building and Construction Engineering”23.11.2021 IEC TEAMS
MSc LM in “Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design”15.11.2021 SAL TEAMS
MSc LM in “Architectural Design and History”17.11.2021 ADH TEAMS
Msc LM “Building Engineering/Architecture” 5ys 22.11.2021 EDA TEAMS
MSc LM in “Building and Architectural Engineering”19.11.2021 BAE TEAMS

The Election will take in distance mode by Microsoft Teams.

Voting operations will begin at 9:00 a.m. on 30/11/2021 and will continue intermittently until 3:00 p.m.
Voting operations will begin at the close of voting.
The vote is valid if at least 1/3 of those entitled to vote take part. In case of invalidity, the elections will be repeated on 02/12/2021, from 9:00 to 3:00 p.m.


The results of the vote are declared by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission.
The voting documents are immediately transmitted, at the end of the polling operations and, in any case, no later than 24 hours, to the General Management - Staff Service for General Affairs and Institutional Regulations for the purpose of issuing the appointment measure.

PROGRAMS (available only in Italian)

BSc LT in “Architectural Design“SPINELLI                                                             
BSc LT in “Building and Construction Engineering”RE CECCONI
MSc LM in “Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design”PROTASONI
MSc LM in “Architectural Design and History”PERABONI
Msc LM “Building Engineering/Architecture” 5ys MALIGHETTI
MSc LM in “Building and Architectural Engineering”IANNACCONE

POLLING RESULTS (available only in Italian)

Course of Study Eligible votersVoters numberCandidateVotes obtainedBlank cards Results
LT in Progettazione dell’Architettura265153Spinelli Luigi Mario Lorenzo14112Eletto
LT in Ingegneria Edile e delle Costruzioni3328Re Cecconi Fulvio280Eletto
LM in Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design2211Protasoni Sara101Eletto
LM in Architectural Design and History2120Peraboni Carlo191Eletto
LM C.U. in Ingegneria Edile-Architettura3830Malighetti Laura Elisabetta291Eletto
LM in Building and Architectural Engineering3221Iannaccone Giuliana201Eletto


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