1-6.12.2022 Opening of the Exhibition of the Advanced School of Architecture (ASA) Masterclass

Thursday 01 December 2022 at 11:00 a.m.
Spazio vetrato, groundfloor building Trifoglio, campus Leonardo, Via Bonardi 9

Opening of the Exhibition of the ASA Masterclass

With the title "off-grid communities _ eco-digital construction for sustainable living", the Masterclass directed by visiting professor Paolo Cascone (University of Westminster), with the collaboration of architect Manuela Laddaga, offered the twenty students of the Advanced School of Architecture (ASA) the opportunity to develop eco-sustainable housing projects for four geographical areas, characterized by four different environmental conditions (Milan, London, India and Poland). In Paolo Cascone's vision, an ecological approach is needed to respond to the growing demand for affordable housing solutions according to different social and environmental scenarios. Such an approach will have to address the dramatic increase in the cost of living, in relation to energy, food and building materials, with a view to creating off-grid communities.

Therefore, the masterclass explored an innovative idea of ​​construction industry able to provide a catalog of possible site-specific and off-grid housing configurations.

To make this production chain sustainable, each group of students developed a design strategy based on environmental performance and the use of low carbon content materials. The end result of this collective project is an ecological taxonomy of accessible and inter-scalar solutions for different climate regions. The final exhibition was created thanks to the support of the sponsor Bonomi & Pattini, which supplied wood and technical assistance in its production workshop with digitally controlled machines.

Andrea Campioli (Dean of AUIC School), Massimo Bricocoli (Dastu Director), Ilaria Valente (Head of Steering Committee NewBauhaus), Matteo Motti and Giulia Ragnoli (Municipality of Milan), Fabio Dedè and Alessia Guercio (Bonomi Pattini Group) participate to the inauguration of the exhibition, together with Pierre Alain Croset (ASA Director) and Paolo Cascone (University of Westminster).

The exhibition will remain open until 06 December 2022.

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