2-12/8 Légami Legàmi

Légami Legàmi will take place in Sambuca di Sicilia from 2nd to 12th of August. It is a ten days workshop focused on collective research path that aims the comprehension of the tangible and intangible bonds between people-buildings-objects. The research manifest itself in a temporary installation consisting of a net of fabric strips stretched in the urban fabric. The project, supported by the municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia (AG), is going to be an individual and then a collective analysis that aims the comprehension how those bonds are formed in the community and in its space.


The active participation of the community is the central point of the project: it is going to be involved in both the research part and the final act. Our goal is to understand how we bond with each other and with the built environment.

We will act as explorers to find those urban artefacts, that generates tangible interactions, and those urban stories that are intangible. The citizens of Sambuca are going to lead us in the research, helping us to untie the net of bonds and connections.

Our research is freely inspired by the performative intervention “Legarsi alla montagna” (1981) by Maria Lai. Sambuca will be part of a collective exploration of a new method of participatory planning, an expression of those social values that we need to defend in this “post-Covid-19 era”: the real bonds and connections between people and their city. Through the collection of stories, we will be able to analyze, understand and transmit those fundamental values that had been darkened during the last months which are at the base of every community.

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