Information for Outgoing students

The Politecnico di Milano offers its students various opportunities to study abroad whose educational credits are recognized as an integral part of the curriculum. International mobility for study is distinguished in:

  1. Short mobility: period of study at partner universities in EU (Erasmus) and non-EU countries (bilateral agreements)
  2. Double Degree: Double Degree projects (link to the DL section) with European and non-European university locations

In addition to these opportunities, there will be mobility of variable duration and modalities, within international networks of which the Politecnico is part (Alliance4Tech, Athens, Idea League).

Short mobility generally lasts one semester. It is potentially extendable, if provided for in the agreement with the partner headquarters, for a further semester, subject to authorization by the Bodies in charge of the School - the Politecnico Promoters of Mobility for the headquarters.
During the short mobility period it is possible to acquire training credits and/or develop the thesis work at the host location.

The locations available with the specific agreements for each Course of Study are published on the Manifesto of Studies and on the map of international mobility agreements.

For information, students can contact the International Mobility Unit - Via Golgi 42 or via e-mail and read the full text on international mobility on the Didactic Regulations of the Study Courses.
It is also possible to contact the teacher responsible for your course of study to find out more details and arrange an experience abroad.

Auic Tips

To better guide you in choosing the most suitable mobility for you, we have identified some tips that can solve some recurring doubts.

In the video, 10 tips that are always valid. In the meetings organised by the Study Programmes, we cover points related to international mobility that are important for each academic career and introduce you to some little-known but valuable locations.

Short Mobility Postcards and Double Degree Videos

Short Mobility Postcards
Double Degree Videos

For more info:  International Mobility Unit


List of Promoting Schools and Teachers

Erasmus +

Erasmus + is the new European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport for 2014-2020. 
It replaces the existing EU programmes, covering all sectors of education. Erasmus+ aims to increase the quality and relevance of qualifications and skills, reflecting the importance of education and training in EU and national policy agendas. It aims to boost people’s personal development and job prospects.

  • AUIC/ARCH Conversions table score E+ For AUIC/ING courses the conversion modes are defined by the individual Study Courses. For further information, students can contact the mobility contacts for their own course of study.

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Alliance 4 Tech

Exchange Programme – Alliance4Tech
The Alliance4Tech Programme is dedicated to students enrolled in one of the 5 Master Programmes in Architecture of the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering.
It is a partnership programme among three top Architecture Schools: Politecnico di Milano (Polimi), Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin), and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSAM).
The programme allows students to study at three universities in three countries and earn an Alliance4Tech Certificate – on top of the Laurea Magistrale/Master of Science diploma of the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.
The Alliance4Tech programme forms a free and open European Campus without borders for their students and their faculties: each year 10 students from all partner universities will be admitted and will be part of this great and international community!

How it works
The minimum number of credits to be obtained from abroad, shared between the other two partner Universities, must be 30 and awarding a minimum of 10 credits in each partner university is required (as an example 10 in Madrid and 20 in Berlin or 15 in each or 12 in Berlin and 18 in Madrid etc).
The maximum number of credits, obtained abroad, depends on the specific Master Programme’s Rules where students are enrolled (regardless, for an AUIC student a minimum of 60 credits of teachings within 2 entire semesters, is required by Politecnico in order to be awarded with the Laura Magistrale, the credits for internship and thesis are counted apart).
Spending one semester in each partner university is mandatory, but above all it is a great opportunity and one of the special aspects of this programme! So it is not possible to spend two semesters in just one partner university.
The decision as to which university to attend in a specific semester is left to the students, who do not have to decide on the next destination until two months before the respective semester begins.
Moreover, every year an international curricular workshop reuniting all 30 participants will be carried out in an European location.
Please just be reminded that any exchange programme is not allowed during the first semester of the first year of MSc at Politecnico.

When you can apply and leave
You can apply during the 3rd year of the Bachelor (both winter or spring* call) and choose to leave both in the first and second year or in the second year only of Msc.

Application during BSc:
Winter or Spring call during 3rd year BSc (Progettazione dell’Architettura/Architectural Design)

The mobility scheme at MSc:
1st semester at Polimi, 2nd semester abroad, 3rd semester abroad, 4th semster at Polimi
1st semester at Polimi, 2nd semester at Polimi, 3rd semester abroad, 4th semester abroad

You can also apply during the 1 st year of the Master Programme (both winter and spring* call)
In this case, you can leave at the second year only of Msc.

Applcation during MSC
Winter or spring* call during 1st year MSc

The mobility scheme at MSc:
1st semester at Polimi, 2nd semester at Polimi, 3rd semester abroad, 4th semester abroad (if applied in winter)
1st semester at Polimi, 2nd semester at Polimi, 3rd semester at Polimi, 4th semester abroad, 5th semester abroad (if applied in Ssring)

*Please note that the spring call for Alliance4Tech will be open only in case there will be availability left from the Winter call.

More information
You can have more specific information by:

  • or contacting the programme directors Prof. Ilaria Valente and Prof. Marco Bovati

Application for ay 2022/2023

So, if you are interested in:

  • spending two semesters abroad in Berlin and Madrid;
  • maybe even writing your Master Thesis with a second advisor from Berlin or Madrid;
  • becoming part of the growing A4Tech community;

apply during the available calls (next one in April 2022)!

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The ATHENS Programme (for Advanced Technology Higher Education Network/Socrates) is a 1-week exchange session, held twice a year (in March and in November), by a network of European higher education institutions (universities, universities of technology, Grandes Ecoles, etc...).
Created in 1996, it was initially supported by the European Union through the Socrates programme (from 1997 to 2001). It is now self-funded by the member institutions.
It is a merger of the 'Semaine Européenne' ('European Week') held by ParisTech from 1992 to 1999, and the Leuven Network ERASMUS Programme held by European institutions from 1990 to 1997.
The courses proposed during sessions cover not only the spectrum of the members' fields, but also an opening on arts and humanities.
During the week, the host university is supposed to organize activities for the foreign students in the city, to help them discover another culture. Most often, it will consist in a tour of the city and some nights with the local students.

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