PUBLIC AFFAIR – Old City Urban Life | Understanding the human life and urban spaces in the historical city of Ahmedabad

Winter School

Workshop | Winter School at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India

5 - 16 December 2016

Summer School at Politecnico di Milano

26 June - 7 July 2017

Ilaria Valente, Meghal Arya, Rajiv Kadam

Giulia Setti, Arian Heidari Afshari

Workshop Topic

The course aims to develop the critical thinking toward the very notion of relationship between ‘public realm’, the city and their socio-cultural and morphological connotations in contemporary condition.

In particular, the course will explore the public life in urban context with the focus on deep understanding of the Old City of Ahmedabad; reading the urban spaces through different lens. The main objective is to onsite test, explore and

critically reflect not only on the notion of public space and both its material and immaterial aspects but also on the tools and techniques of reading and mapping of the phenomena. First part of the course will therefore, discuss the urban life and the fundamentals of both individual and collective human experiences in the Old City context of Ahmedabad. By mapping the different scenarios, students will be engaged in the study of the relationship between morphology and typology aspects of urban conception and its social-cultural manifestations. Mapping can be done by several tools and will outline a ‘question’ behind the complex architectural and social system, which organize the life of the Old City.

The second part of the course will be focus on the final outcome of the course, a documentary describing the relationship between shapes and life of the city in order to look not only at the permanency of the morphology or typology aspects but also morphing it to the more humanistic and experiential characteristics.

This course will be conducted as a part of collaboration between CEPT University and Politecnico di Milano where students and instructors from both universities will work together in joint teams. Corresponding to this Winter School, a course will be proposed in Milan, during the Summer School Program 2017.

Workshop Schedule

  • CEPT University, Ahmedabad, December 2016 (4 CFU)
  • 5th - 6th - 7th December: introduction and documentation about Public Life Studies, Public Spaces in History
  • 8th - 13th December: field work, documentation of the place and analysis of conditions
  • 14th -15th December: preparation for final presentation
  • 16th December: final Jury

Instructors: Rajiv Kadam, Giulia Setti, Arian Heidari Afshari

An average of 6-8 hours per working day will be distributed along the duration of this course depending upon nature of activities and time required for the same.

Politecnico di Milano, June 26th – July 7th (4 CFU)

Schedule to be defined.

Students Selection

Interested students will have to submit a short CV (maximum 2 A4 pdf format) with a description of their activities (studio, workshop, external experiences) to Giulia Setti ( and to Arian Heidari Afshari (

10-13 students will be selected.

Students will be selected through the evaluation of the CV and the grade of their university career.

Costs and Organization

There are no registration fees for the workshop.
Travel expenses will be in charge of each participant to the workshop; approximately food, accommodation (hotel) will cost around 40€ per day.
Approximately the cost of a flight from Milan to Ahmedabad will be around 550-600€. Cost of flight will depend to the booking day fee.

Visa is necessary and it will cost approximately 70€.

Registration Deadline: October 25th 2016

Registration and information: 

In the application you have to specify if you would like to take part to the entire activity (CEPT+Polimi) or in only one of the two. For the application please use the attached form.

Open to: third year of Bachelor in Architettura Ambientale, Scienza dell’Architettura and Master in Architettura.