Call Public Affair | Decoding Milan

Summer School

Call Public Affair | Decoding Milan

PUBLIC AFFAIR – Decoding Milan

Understanding the relevant principles of the public realm through effective mapping.

Summer School | Politecnico di Milano

13 - 23 June 2018


Politecnico di Milano, CEPT University, Ahmedabad (India)

Ilaria Valente, Rajiv Kadam, Giulia Setti, Arian Heidari Afshari


Workshop Topic

The course aims to develop critical thinking toward the very notion of relationship between public realm, the city and their socio-cultural and morphological connotations in contemporary condition. The course would focus on methods to analyze and evaluate urban places; the focus would be to gain primary knowledge about these places to test ones’ individual assumptions and biases about public places in the city.  

Milan will be the stage to study the transition between the historical city and new urban structure. The sites will be chosen along the traces of the ancient wall of Milan, urban sections showing the differences between the old urban structure and the recent urban transformation such as the project of Porta Nuova, City Life and Feltrinelli Foundation. The sites will be mostly public spaces with different characters and identity.

Students will be asked to formulate a research questions/hypothesis related to the use of public places, perceptions of the urban form, relationship between density, urban typologies and livability. The methods used to understand these places would include direct observation, field measurements, surveys and or interviews. The data collected will form the basis of analysis and inferences, which will be expressed through graphical representation of their findings. The conclusion of the study will be a presentation of their hypothesis, mapping studies, analysis and inferences. The ambition of the course would be to dabble with relevant issues of the city and provide a common ground to engage discussions around the changes of urban life. 

The course will be conducted as a part of collaboration between CEPT University (Ahmedabad, India) and Politecnico di Milano where students and instructors from both universities will work together in joint teams.


Workshop Schedule

Politecnico di Milano, Italy, June 2018 (4 CFU)

13th – 15th June: Introduction. New Public Spaces in Milan | Public Life Studies: History, Morphology, Identity

16th – 22nd June: Field Work on the documentation of Public Spaces

23rd June: Final Presentations

Instructors: Rajiv Kadam, Giulia Setti, Arian Heidari Afshari

An average of 6-8 hours per working day will be distributed along the duration of this course depending upon nature of activities and time required for the same. 


Students Selection

Interested students will have to submit a short CV (maximum 2 A4 pdf format) with a description of their activities (studio, workshop, external experiences) to Giulia Setti ( and to Arian Heidari Afshari ( 10-13 students will be selected.

Students will be selected through the evaluation of the CV and the grade of their university career.


Open to: third year of Bachelor in Progettazione dell’Architettura (ita/eng) Bachelor in Urbanistica: città, ambiente e paesaggio, Master in Architecture (ita/eng), Master in Urban Planning and Policy Design


Costs and Organization

There are no registration fees for the workshop. 

The Workshop will be hosted in Politecnico di Milano. The attendance is compulsory. 

Registration and information: and 
For the application please use the attached form.


Application Deadline: April 12th 2018