Strategic Design for the Enhancement of Architectural, Urban & Environmental Resources


Strategic Design for the Enhancement of Architectural, Urban & Environmental Resources

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Summer School 2018
“Strategic Design for the Enhancement of Architectural, Urban & Environmental Resources – Workshop 2018”


Registration deadline May 28, 2018

Scientific Committee
prof. Ilaria Valente, prof. Marco Bovati, prof. Ma Wenjun

Teaching Staff
prof. Marco Bovati (Polimi), prof. Giulia Setti (Polimi), prof. Ma Wenjun (SJTU), prof. Huang Jianyun (SJTU)

arch. Wu Jian (SJTU), arch. Carlos Ignacio Carreno Yepes (SJTU), arch. Gerardo Semprebon (Polimi).

Urban equipment aimed to increase urban resilience, and environmental complexity, through scenarios for social and commercial involvement. The course proposes a project for a complex multifunctional building with attention to landscape, open space design, and contextual relationships.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University Summer School 2018 is the ideal framework for reflection and debate on the current characteristics of sustainable, resilient cities; in this scenario, a sector of the city will be evaluated, their urbanistic, architectural, landscape, environmental, economic and social features.

The participants in the course will be trained in useful topics for their academic projects and their professional performance from an interdisciplinary vision and related to processes of rational intervention of the city.
The course is an experimental design workshop on a derelict area close to Bund Riverside in Shanghai, currently used as temporary parking lot.

The urban morphology defines the site as a corner-type one, with both open sides and closed ones, in continuity with existing urban fabric, which now is violently interrupted. The architectural definition of this site assumes peculiar relevance since it represents the possibility of redefining the urban image of the block or suggesting alternatives solutions coherently with the context. Students will be encouraged to reflect and propose design solutions related to: the volume (full and voids relation, density), the ground floor relationships (block’s porosity, relations with the roads’ network, open spaces), the functional program in consideration of surrounding framework. The proximity to different Central Business Districts makes this site a strategic location for the development of Shanghai.
The Shanghai Jiao Tong University Summer School will promote a shared international debate where students from different Universities will reflect on new transformation scenarios for core areas of Shanghai.
Which processes and new uses can strength and give thickness to the modification of the area?
This workshop aims to define a series of new scenarios that can be modified and structured in different times and phases. Time, uses, and scales of the project represent therefore central issues in this strategic approach in order to define a complex scenario that must take in count the various (and possible) actors involved. Teachers and students from all universities involved will work together during two weeks of debates, lectures, critiques and workshop design activities.


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