Silvers Award

Since February 2012, the Politecnico di Milano (Milan Polytechnic University) and the former School of Architecture and Society (now the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering) has awarded a prize to the best graduation theses submitted on the subject of “Italian Architecture Projects in international contexts”. 

The prize-giving takes place at the exhibition of work judged most interesting by the Selection Committee, in the “Guido Nardi” exhibition space of the Politecnico’s former School of Architecture and Society (now the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering) at 2 Via Ampère, Milan, through presentation of a certificate. The event is attended by the winners of the various editions of the “Michele Silvers” Award. 

9th edition - 2020




8th edition - 2019

Project: Walicow, fortezza della Memoria. Progetto per un Museo del presente tra le rovine dell'ex-Ghetto di Varsavia

Author/s: Sara Pellegrini and Domenico Spagnolo

Supervisor/s: Prof. Guido Mario Morpurgo

7th edition - 2018

Project: The last horizon: dry/coastal landscapes. La Guajira, Colombia

Author/s: Nidy Johana Narvaez Sabogal and Juan Sebastian Moreno Romero

Supervisor/s: Prof. Karin Elke Feix Hofert 

6th edition - 2017

Project: Vivienda en altura:examples of residential towers in Santiago de Chile and project for the barrío of Plaza Egaña.

Author/s: Claudia Scappini

Supervisor/s: Prof. Alessandro Rocca

5th edition - 2016

Project: Office of post-apocalypse design. Chernobyl as a garden of metamorphosis.

Author/s: Giorgia Fumagalli and Martina Rodi

Supervisor/s: Prof. Elisa C. Cattaneo



4th edition - 2015

Project: Memoria e integrazione. riconversione di una rovina industriale a Lola Alto, Cile. (Memory and Integration. Redevelopment of an industrial ruin in Lola Alto, Chile.)

Author/s: Elena Fiocchi

Supervisor/s: Prof. Antonella Contin

3rd edition - 2014

Project: Espacio, sociabilidad y memoria. Lineamenti, tendenze e progetto per una biblioteca integrata tra spazio architettonico e prestazioni contemporanee. (Espacio, sociabilidad y memoria. Features, trends and design for a library combining architectural space and contemporary services.)

Author/s: Tommaso Campiotti, Tommaso Certo, Paolo Volpetti

Supervisor/s: Prof. Emilio Faroldi

2nd edition - 2013

Project: Bamboo grove - Secondary School in Takedo, Cambodia

Author/s: Elisabetta Fusar Poli

Supervisor/s: Prof. Camillo Magni

1st edition - 2012

Project: Un Isla como Taller

Author/s: Michele Miserotti and Simone Trevisan

Supervisor/s: Prof. Giancarlo Floridi