Admission to the School's MSc programmes


II sem 2019/2020

For the course of Architectural Design and History - Architectural Design and History, in the absence of places left available after the registrations to the first semester, there are not admitted for merit to the second semester. Only legally accepted persons who have submitted a valid application can register within the time limits set by the academic calendar.

Lesson Zero

Lesson 0 is a welcome meeting for new students/freshmen, in which to share relevant information about the School and its services, to the presentation of the study plan, in which to know and compare with the reference figures (Coordinator of the course, representatives of the students, office staff) of their university path. All new students are invited to participate according to the calendar below:

Admission to the School's MSc programmes - Students with Foreign Degrees

Students with foreign degrees should follow the pre-enrolment procedure described on the Polinternational website, observing the established deadlines. By following this procedure, students can apply for merit scholarships and obtain further information on organising their stay in Italy during the post-admission phase. 

Admission to the School's MSc programmes - Students with Italian Degrees

General information on the admission and enrolment procedures is available at the following link:

Detailed information related to the single Study Programmes (e.g. number of places available, requirements, application modalities and specific procedures) is contained within the Study Programme’s Educational Rules: 


Frequently asked questions related to the admission procedures (available only in Italian):

Guidelines on how to prepare a portfolio, for the programmes that require it for application: 

Extra Notes

Admissions procedures