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Actions 2 - Innovative Didattics


"Passion in Action" is a catalogue of open participation teaching activities that the Politecnico offers to students to support the development of transversal, soft and social skills and to encourage/facilitate students in enriching their personal, cultural and professional experience.

This opportunity is open to everyone. Students may choose from a range of subjects depending on their own interests and personal aptitudes. Students taking part in "Passion in Action" can register for any of the activites in the catalogue, regardless of whether they are related to the programme in which they are enrolled (subject to any prerequisites for access to individual initiatives). Acquired skills will be accredited on the Diploma Supplement.

Actions 2

Urban Landscape Recycle in Salento

The innovative didactic activity consists in a tour aimed at deepening the analysis and understanding of a landscape, open to all students but especially to those interested in “Urban and territorial recycling”, “Environmental design” ad “Recycle and landscape design” and in topics related to the future of Southern Italy landscape. 

The field trip concept, organised in a two days walk along predefined itineraries, supported by local experts explaining the issues and opportunities of the area, has the goal of introducing the participants to an experiential and multisensory learning of the landscape, allowing for the enhancement of the students’ research methodologies and their enquiring potentials as well as their interpretive tools.

In particular the field trip will offer the chance to investigate and get to know a series of unauthorized coastal settlements along 20 km of the Adriatic See in Lecce Municipality. These settlements were developed starting form the Seventies as second homes linked to the inland towns sited a few kilometres from the coast.

Today they show serious problems such as lack of public facilities, poor construction, inadequate and insufficient infrastructures and environmental degradation and are in need of a regeneration proposal.

Rome, the Antique and its Renaissances. A guided tour in Antique, Modern and Contemporary Rome.

The aim of the guided tour is to visit a selection of Key-buildings of the history of architecture of antique, modern and contemporary Rome. The visits will be leaded by the professor responsable of the tour and a team of experts on the subjects tackled.

Various moments of collegial discussion, drawing, photograph and video shooting are also planned.

The program includes also a session at the Accademia di San Luca, for a conference followed by a general discussion and a visit of the Gallery and of the collection of drawings. 

The students that will participate will be asked to present at the exam a report organized with texts, pictures, videos or any another form the student finds appropriate.