The Council

The Board is chaired by the Dean and is made up of:  

  • The Directors of the Departments supporting the School
  • The Programme Coordinators
  • A number of elected student representatives

Dates of scheduled Board's meetings are listed below: 

  • 5 March 2019

Members of the School's Board

prof. Ilaria Valente (Dean) 
prof.                     (Deputy Dean)

Directors of the Departments connected
prof. Gabriele Pasqui (DAStU Department) 
prof.ssa Elisabetta Ginelli (Delegate Department ABC) 
prof. Gianpaolo Rosati (Delegate DICA Department) 
prof. Maurizio Vianello (Delegate Mathematics Department) 


Study Courses Coordinators
prof.ssa Sara Protasoni  
prof.ssa Francesca Bonfante 
prof. Giuseppe Bertrando Bonfantini 
prof. Andrea Campioli 
prof.ssa Lorenza Petrini
prof. Marco Andrea Pisani  
prof. Gabriele Masera 
prof.ssa Tiziana Poli 
prof. Gennaro Postiglione 
prof. Matteo Francesco Ruta 
prof. Luigi Mario Spinelli
prof. Gianandrea Ciaramella
prof. Antonio Emilio Alvise Longo
prof. Paolo Galuzzi  


Student representatives

Miss Agnese Arrighetti - Lista Aperta
Miss Ana Avramova - Lista Aperta
Mr Tommaso Cigognetti - La Terna Sinistrorsa
Mr Simone Ciuffreda - La Terna Sinistrorsa
Mr Lodovico Magoga - Svoltastudenti