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Galleria del Progetto - Exhibition Space

The School AUIC makes cultural dissemination a fundamental aspect of its educational mission towards students and its role as a social aggregator on the territory.
It is open to Italian and international students, professors and the local community with high-quality cultural and qualitative exhibitions to present the most important works of Milanese architects, both Italian and foreigners.
The exhibit space, called Galleria del Progetto, has exhibited over time Alvaro Siza, Aldo Rossi, Pier Luigi Nervi, Antonio Monestiroli and many other illustrious. 

The busy calendar of events offers an exhibition a month, curated by professors of the School who deepen relevant topics for contemporary and historical architecture.
The creation of prestigious exhibitions and the management of space are possible thanks to the nascent collaborations between the School and brands particularly sensitive to issues related to architecture and the dissemination of cultural heritage that sustain the School's activities on an ongoing basis.