The Politecnico di Milano offers to all students the opportunity to participate in high-quality international projects, based on cooperative programs and agreements with numerous partner institutions, for one or two semesters.

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It is possible to contact the professor in charge of your course of study to learn more details and design an experience abroad.

Members commissions international mobility (Erasmus)

Erasmus +

Erasmus + is the new European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport for 2014-2020. 

It replaces the existing EU programmes, covering all sectors of education. Erasmus+ aims to increase the quality and relevance of qualifications and skills, reflecting the importance of education and training in EU and national policy agendas. It aims to boost people’s personal development and job prospects.

PoliMi - Experience abroad

Exchange - Erasmus Programme - Polinternational

 AUIC/ARCH Grade conversion table E+

For AUIC / ING courses, the conversion methods are defined by the individual study courses. For more information, students can contact the mobility representatives of their degree program.

The Erasmus + KA107 is the action of the European Commission that promotes the mobility for study outside Europe.

The Call for departures at the second semester of the a. y. 2019/2020 is now published. Only students who are enrolled in one of the degree programmes listed in the Call can apply.

Deadline for applications: 21st October 2019.


Alliance 4 Tech

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The ATHENS Programme (for Advanced Technology Higher Education Network/Socrates) is a 1-week exchange session, held twice a year (in March and in November), by a network of European higher education institutions (universities, universities of technology, Grandes Ecoles, etc...).

Created in 1996, it was initially supported by the European Union through the Socrates programme (from 1997 to 2001). It is now self-funded by the member institutions.

It is a merger of the 'Semaine Européenne' ('European Week') held by ParisTech from 1992 to 1999, and the Leuven Network ERASMUS Programme held by European institutions from 1990 to 1997.

The courses proposed during sessions cover not only the spectrum of the members' fields, but also an opening on arts and humanities.

During the week, the host university is supposed to organize activities for the foreign students in the city, to help them discover another culture. Most often, it will consist in a tour of the city and some nights with the local students.

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Mobility Agreement Staff Mobility For Teaching

All Politecnico di Milano professors can carry out teaching mobility towards the so-called Partner Countries (outside Europe) within the KA107 action, the framework of the Erasmus + Program (also known as ICM - International Credit Mobility).

In the attachment n. 1, the projects currently presented and approved by the Erasmus + National Agency are detailed.