The project for exchange programmes of the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering is deep-rooted in the Italian tradition, with the objective of spreading the polytechnic culture throughout the World, towards an open and multi-ethnic approach, based on a network of qualified international relations.
Many of the students come from other Countries (around 1.000 every year); in addition, each year, the School welcomes International Visiting Professors (around 60), to teach courses, workshops and studios. 

Politecnico di Milano offers to all students the opportunity to participate in high-quality international projects, based on cooperative programs and agreements with numerous partner institutions, and welcomes European and Extra Europena students for one or two semesters (Erasmus Programme Extra EU Bilateral Agreements).

Incoming students have enrolled in other Schools abroad and take part at the exchange programme with Politecnico, in the several campuses in italy.
Outgoing students have enrolled in Politecnico and will attend a study period in a partner University abroad.

The School promotes exchange and double degree programmes with 150 among the most accredited international Universities.

For more info: StuDesk PoliMi