Reasearch Doctorate (Ph.D.)

The Research Doctorate (Ph.D.) constitutes the highest level of education in the university system.

Its goal is to prepare researchers who have the skills and aptitude to pursue activities of high quality research in industries, in research centers, in public administrations and in academic institutions. Politecnico di Milano offers Doctoral Programmes in all fields of Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Design.

Access to the Doctoral Programmes is selective, based on the verification of the research capacities and potentials by curriculum examination. The Research Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree is awarded at the completion of the Programme, which lasts at least three years.

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Active Phd Programmes

The School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering interacts with the Ph.D. Schools, both of the Politecnico di Milano and other national and international universities, periodically updating the educational profiles of Master's Degrees to better prepare Graduates for the possible protraction of their studies in a Ph.D Course.