Every year Auic School offers to its students a wide workshops program, an updated and diversified offer which lead the students to their full educational realization.

Alongside those workshops that have become consolidated during the past years, new interesting initiatives are planned and organized every year.

Remember that you can candidate to the workshop you are interested in only during its registration period.

The credits obtained by attending a workshop can be used according to one of the following options:

a) To validate the “workshop” credits, if present in your study plan

b) To validate the compulsory internship (if the workshop you have attended foresees this opportunity, stated in the workshop description);

c) To replace elective courses present in the study plan (this option is open only to students enrolled in a Master of Science within 2015/2016, or to students enrolled in Bachelor Degree Programs that have been deactivated).

How to validate the workshop 

Workshop from the 1 October 2018:

From that date, it will no longer be possible to attend a workshop if the workshop / internship line is not present in your study plan.

By doing the registration online, you will need to confirm if you want to get the validation of the activity carried out.

The certificates of participation will be issued by the teachers but they will NOT have to be presented to the AUIC Offices. At the end of the activity, the teacher will confirm your participation and the validation will be included in your study plan, only if the workshop / internship line is present in the plan.

Workshop before the 1 October 2018:

You can request credit validation by opening a ticket through this page in the section "PETITIONS" specifying in the text if you request the validation as WORKSHOP or as MANDATORY INTERNSHIP and attaching the partecipation certificate, at least one month before the graduation date.

ATTENTION: The workshops published at the links below are the only ones approved by the School Council and that assign recognized credits. CFUs will NOT be validated for workshops outside Politecnico.


Below you will find the workshops that can be validated according to the options mentioned above and to the course of study attended:


Bachelor of Science Degree 

Master of Science Degree (5 years ) 

Master of science Degree